Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fuck Indiana

Indiana is going to be the first state to defund Planned  Parenthood. For this, fuck Indiana. I've never been so ashamed of my state. Yeah, Indiana is a conservative state, but this is just bloody stupid. This not only fails to achieve any benefit, but is actively detrimental, both economically and socially.

The intent of this bill is presumably to decrease abortions. Of course, abortions by Planned Parenthood aren't funded by the government. So the whole thing seems kind pointless to start with. But worse than that is that this will actually increase abortions. One of the things that PP does is provide access to contraception and information about avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Removing those things isn't going to make people stop having sex, it's just going to have them have less safe sex, which will result in more unwanted pregnancies. And if someone doesn't want to carry a pregnancy to term, they'll be willing to go further out of their way to get an abortion, so the lack of PP won't make a big difference.

Ok, so this bill will actively do the opposite of its intention. Great. What other stupidity will result from this?

This will eliminate jobs. PP employs people. With reduced funds, it won't be able to employ as many, so people will be laid off, increasing unemployment.

This will prevent access to medical services that people need. PP provides all sorts of wonderful medical services like pap smears, testing for and treating STDs, and cancer screenings. PP is the only place poor people can really get these services since there aren't enough OB/GYNs and clinics that accept Medicaid to handle it all.

And this in turn will increase medical costs since it's cheaper to treat things earlier than later. And most of that cost will be borne by the taxpayers.

Really, this is just sickening. Fuck Indiana.


  1. You should send a more composed version to a paper. You have very good points. I hate America's stupid culture war because the casualties like NPR and PP only hurts society and serve no purpose except to upset the other side.

  2. Well, you know I agree with the argument, but the post is much less judicious than your usual. First, published obscenity is usually counterproductive (I know, with my language I should talk). Secondly it's usually not a good idea to attack so large a group so vehemently, many good people are proud of Indiana for good reasons, and this indirectly slams them. Finally, remember this is public stuff--your critics will start saying you hate America--or at least Indiana, whereas the truth is that the Republican state legislature disgusts you, not Indiana. Remember most people who voted those idiots in were fooled or scared into it.

  3. Sorry, don't want ANY of my money paying for MURDER!