Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AlDraw Wiki

Ever wish there were a wiki focused on AlDraw for you to learn from and contribute to? No, I didn't really think so. Nonetheless, it now exists - behold, AlDraw Wiki!

Right now there's not a lot of stuff specific to AlDraw. I've been focusing on the Construction techniques category. I have instructions on simple techniques, such as how to construct a midpoint, intermediate, such as how to inscribe a circle in a triangle and advanced, such as how to construct a circle that passes through two given points and is tangent to a given line. And I'm adding more every day.

Is something confusing or unclear? Ask and I'll write it better. Do you see a mistake I made? Edit it!

Edit: I've just added the pentagon. This page describes both how to construct a pentagon inscribed in a circle (which is easy to find elsewhere online) and also how to construct a pentagon from a given side length (which is harder to find elsewhere).

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